Thank you for 10k Plays on Soundcloud mixed Kaminka Merel

Only Techno says thank you for 10k Plays on Soundcloud mixed Kaminka Merel

Techno is my passion!
Music has always been my best friend!
Even as a teenager, I discovered the electronic world. In the beginning it was Trance, via MinimalTechno, then I was in the Goa world for a while, until finally Techno fascinated me.
When it comes to nightlife, unconditional underground techno is my favorite.
I myself would call my music a techno that is straightforward and impulsive..
Of course that’s a bit different when we talk about an open-air festival in bright sunlight, it’s more of Techhouse’s minimal techno I use. For me, electronic music in this rule-governed world is the best way to be free without much effort, without text that gives my thoughts a direction, only the sound of rhythmic drifting makes my emotions respond positively.
The best things are invisible and touch us where the visible will never come.
Music can make you forget everything or remember everything.
Better than a photo album, music can store emotions that you can retrieve over and over again when you listen to a particular song again.
Four and a half years ago, if you had told me that I was making music in different clubs in different cities, I would probably have asked him what he dreams of at night.


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