Now Online : Podcast # 059 – _filres_

Now Online : Podcast # 059 – _filres_

filres’ sets are recognizable even before you’ve made it all the way to the dance floor: His centerpiece the kick drills deep through the subwoofers and can hardly hide its direction of march behind its unagitated coolness: Full speed ahead! As dark and booming as it may sound across the dance floor, there is always a bouncy lightness underneath that leaves room for the artistic gimmicks on the effects units, for which the trained sound engineer has developed a knack as part of his profession. Even the most acid-heavy parts of filres’ sets, thanks to pointedly placed vocals and smartly installed effects, never lack what makes him so special outside the DJ booth: feeling! No matter if this guy introduces himself through the auditory canal or with a broad grin outside the pulpit: You won’t forget this impression so quickly!

Next up:
📣 Sample project collab coming up for purchase…
📣 First Release 2023; stay tuned!

A huge thank you and a big hug to Sulfation for the beautiful artwork and a fantastic collaboration.

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Der Podcast erscheint auf unserem SoundCloud Channel. Enjoy and listen…

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