Now Online : Podcast # 056 – Jenni Zimnol

Now Online : Podcast # 056 – Jenni Zimnol

Jenni Zimnol was born in Remscheid in 2000. She’s been excited about electronic music ever since being 14 years old. At the age of 17 she started djing. What was first a hobby to just create her own cool mixes, became more and more serious and she started playing her first gigs. Jenni Zimnol becomes part of some podcasts, radio shows and streams and starts her own podcast series “Brain Activation” on SoundCloud, which is released monthly. She plays regularly in the NRW area and has played alongside artists like Klaudia
Gawlas, Angy Kore and Juliet Fox.
Since 2020, she became part of the Mollywood, Tagesraver and XLR8 Kleve crew as a resident.
Besides DJing she also started producing and produced her first track “Move with me” in 2022.
Her hard yet deep techno sounds complemented by acid elements make the floor tremble and continue to conquer the hearts of many.
Are you ready to be a part of this unforgettable musical journey?



Der Podcast erscheint auf unserem SoundCloud Channel. Enjoy and listen…

Jenni Zimnol on SoundCloud:

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