Now Online : Podcast # 050


Hey Ravers!

Now Online : Podcast # 050 – Alessia Cattani (2hours Cattani Techno From the Space)

Alessia Cattani, born in Italy, has been living in Augsburg for over 25 years. She discovered her passion for music as a child and took part in the school choir for a number of years. As a solo singer in a jazz band, she also gained experience on stage. Alessia came into contact with techno in 2017; an endless love for this genre began.

The “harmony” between melody, rhythm and a happy community left the most impression.

Inspired by friends in 2019 her first set was heard online. Through constant and tireless practice, a lot of passion and her special style, she finally made it onto the stage in 2021!


Der Podcast erscheint auf unserem SoundCloud-Channel.

Alessia Cattani on Souncloud:

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